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Brothers Donathan (Part Three) #25: The Last Seven Hours

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What a Glorious Feeling
March 27, 2009

Turn your speakers up and please enjoy!

The latest comic embodies how I feel about Instant Classic as a whole, I think. I think that for anyone who's ever read an IC comic in the past few years, they'll be a fan of this one. I could be wrong, but for me, it feels like it was a long time coming.

Special thanks to Ren and Mike for helping me get through this one. Ren has had it the worst, she has to live with me while I freak out about projects like this. She was an amazing asset to getting the latest comic done - through writing and musical composing. The two of them together have been around me long enough to get a full grasp of the material and in doing so, saved this project from going down in flames.

Also special thanks to Ren's mother, Wendy - a musical talent that will never cease to amaze me. She took a tune that was in our heads and turned it into diamonds.

Hopefully I can keep doing stuff like this , it's a lot of fun, even though it takes a hell out a lot out of me.

If you like the latest comic, I do ask that you pass it along to a friend as well. Who doesn't deserve a little fun-loving musical for their day?

Next IC comic will be going up on Wednesday - just going to let this one breathe a little.

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