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Brothers Donathan (Part One) #1: Reintroductions

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Hiatus-free since 2005!
March 7, 2005

The hiatus is officially over - I've started a new comic strip, starting today, entitled Brothers Donathan. This takes place one year after the events of the Prologue and about four years before the events to take place in the Union Forever storyline. It stars some of the old favorites from the first story and it's already been a lot of fun to put together.

This is update on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays starting today and going until its end.

What's the fate of the other stories? Pirates and Genrezvous Point? Pirates will update once/week (Pirates is my art project and I want to take my time with it). GP is still up in the air, but it will be finished, details on GP should be made more clear come Wednesday.

I'm back in action, all! Thank you to those who have been letting people know that I'm back, it's very much appreciated!

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