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Brothers Donathan (Part Five) #31: A Little Bit Gay

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Another Week, Another Adventure in ClassicLand
January 25, 2010

Once again, as same as yesterday, today's comic features a parody of Tom Brazelton from Theater Hopper. Of course I don't think Tom's a bad guy - this is more to the tune of the celebrity guests on "Extras" where they play grotesque versions of themselves. Also... I hear rumors that Tom is planning return fire... this might get interesting.

And as always, if you missed the comics over the weekend, well... they're there for you to read. Because I'm steam-rollin' ahead!

I've also taken to using Ustream to broadcast the making of the comics. Been doing it for the last few updates and I must say, there seems to be no greater motivator to work on them without distraction than to give people access to watch me do it live. Call it an old habit from radio - you can't have dead-air! Today's comic only took about two and half hours to draw where it would sometimes take four or up to six hours depending on how much things I could be doing in the meantime. I also rant about movies during the broadcast sometimes!

If I am "Ustreaming" (you kids and making nouns into verbs), the video and chat windows usually go up on the front page here. Tune in!

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